Adult Classes

Movement Classes
Whether you are a life long dancer, a beginner, or just looking for a new and different form of exercise, we have classes for you.

Classic ballroom dance featuring the waltz, cha cha, foxtrot, lindy, and other standards. Classes held in 8 week rotation. Beginners to experienced dancers. Couples welcomed, but not necessary. Dancers take the floor! 1 hour class $55.00 per month

Adult Yoga/Pilates
Deep stretch and muscle toning with combined disciplines in Pilates and Yoga. Excellent class for adults desiring a good body workout with no impact to joints, or back. 1 hour class $55.00 per month

Ballet Extended
Ballet Extended is a class focused on the development of the discipline of Ballet. Benefits will be realized in all areas of dance with this additional training, as well as setting a firm foundation for poise, grace, and body posture. Muscle strength and flexibility will increase with this area of dance study. 1.25 hour class $65.00 per month

Music Lessons
Some of our best beginners are adults! Music lessons are the perfect way to realize musical aspirations. If you’ve always wanted to play, or you just want to sound good, music lessons provide the technical guidance needed to be your best and increase confidence in your abilities.

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